Remote hands – Remote Services for Individuals and Businesses

  1. Property and Asset Management:
    • Comprehensive management of commercial and residential properties, including lease administration, technical support, maintenance, and renovations.
  2. Office and Administrative Affairs Management:
    • Representing clients in offices and institutions, handling administrative formalities,
    • Managing correspondence and documentation, including tax and official matters.
  3. Logistics and Transport Services:
    • Organization and coordination of goods transportation, including international transport,
    • Transport to and from the airport.
  4. Home Staging and Professional Property Preparation for Sale:
    • Providing professional home staging services to enhance market attractiveness and potentially accelerate the sales process.
  5. Home Care During Owner Absence:
    • Regular property visits, monitoring of technical condition and security,
    • Organization and supervision of cleaning works and garden maintenance.
  6. Employee Relocation Services:
    • Full range of relocation services for employees, including assistance in finding housing, moving, and support in adapting to a new environment.
  7. OSINT Services:
    • I offer specialized services in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), focusing on the collection and analysis of publicly available information to support client requirements and enhance project outcomes.
  8. IT service


Operating Areas: Szczecin, Remote hands Poland; Berlin, Remote hands Germany;  Remote hands Europe, OSINT Poland.


Remote Hands